About us

The Viwords company has been working in the market of translation services since 2007. Since then we have translated hundreds of thousands of various texts in different languages, documentaries and feature films; localized, tested hundreds of web-sites and gained many regular customers. Сustomers use our services time and again thanks to a high quality of our work.

We value our irreproachable reputation and each customer, therefore we are very particular about the quality. All translations made by our translators are always proofread by an editor. To maintain consistency of terminology we use glossaries (as own so also those provided by our customers), apply various сomputer assisted translation tools and software for automatic quality check of translations. When we say “quality of our translations” we mean not just a translation, but a text completely adapted to culture of the target audience. We have just those translators in our team who not only perfectly know a foreign language, but also have a thorough knowledge of grammar, stylistics of their native language and are well up in cultural characteristics of a country where it is spoken. We don’t have an “all-round translator”, “Jack of all trades”, but a big team of professionals, where each team member specializes in particular subject areas.

If you want to be understood in different corners of the world- contact us and we’ll help you overcome the language barrier- in a quality manner, on time and on budget.